Friday, May 19, 2017

♥ EXPERIENCE: My Skin Origins Facial and Skincare Center

Hello everyone!

Did you know that having regular facial will benefit your skin? I know some of you might think that facial can harm your skin and might worsen your acne because of the pricking. I can't blame you because I, myself, thought of that before. I have acne-prone skin so I am hesitant to try facial services. But the time came when I had severe acne, and I mean cystic acne, I just had to try and experience facial service because I wanted to pop the pimples and I don't want to do that on my own so I had to go and have a professional do it for me. So this is not my first time to experience a facial service and I have been looking for a trusted facial center where I am comfortable to go to because I'm planning to have regular facials as much as possible. Is My Skin Origins Facial and Skincare Center the one? ;)

My Skin Origins Mission: 
We at My Skin Essential, Phils. will dedicate ourselves in providing every woman, man, and their families an opportunity to have healthy, radiant and glowing skin naturally.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

♥ REVIEW: EB Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades

Hello everyone!

When I was just practicing doing my own makeup and starting to build up my makeup collection, I always buy eye shadows in palette because it already has so many colors to play with and that time I was really into eye makeup. I remembered I bought a 360-color eye shadow palette and I only used it at home because it was too bulky to bring with. But when I got to work, I got no time to play with my eye shadow palettes anymore and I realized that I only need the basic colors, like the neutral colors, for everyday use. So, I was looking for an affordable eye shadow and I always see this EB Advance Eyeshadow 5 Shades on the internet being raved.

Price: P120
Availability: Any Ever Bilena counters

If you're interested to know more about this product, then please keep on reading. :)

Friday, April 21, 2017

♥ EVENT: McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2017

Hello everyone!

I remembered when I was in elementary school, I always look forward for summer because I get to join workshops. My most unforgettable experience I had was when I joined a kiddie crew workshop. So many years has passed and the kiddie crew workshop is still going on every summer. I'm happy that I was a kiddie crew and happy for the kids today to experience this kind of workshop because, indeed, the kid will learn so many things that they will bring with them as they grow. For more information about the Kiddie Crew Workshop, please keep on reading. :)

Summer is the perfect season for letting your kids learn and experience new things, and with McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, they can do just that!